Faith vs Science from a Brain Surgeon’s Perspective: A Peek Under the Hood



A Peek Under the Hood of the Human Mind. The faith vs science debate from the eyes of a practicing brain surgeon.

The human brain is more than just another organ; it holds your mind and your spirit as well.

Meet real people and see how their neurological problems teach us about how we’re wired and how we got here.

Take a fascinating journey into the nervous system, and into the mind of God.

A Peek Under the Hood: A Brain Surgeon Looks at Life, is a collection of essays I wrote to give you insight into the amazing and delicate ways in which you’re made. From my vantage point as a brain surgeon, I see the intricate design and construction of the human nervous system. I share my insights on how the brain is unique among the parts of our bodies in that it contains our mind and everything about who we are. And I show you that the faith vs science debate doesn’t make sense when you understand that the two are not mutually exclusive.

My stories open up the fascinating world of neurosurgery, and show how even an experienced surgeon frequently encounters cases I cannot explain on science alone.

I show how I see God in the design of the human mind, gives you my perspective on how we’re wired, and let you meet my patients, who teach us all just how fearfully and wonderfully we’re made.

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