Where to Find the Answers

When life is hard, look here for help

Where to Find the Answers People search their whole lives, looking for the answers. Trying to find meaning and purpose and clarity as to why they’re here, what’s their purpose, what they’re supposed to do. I spend my days walking around hospitals, meeting broken people whose decisions to drink and drive or seek a thrill […]

What Happens When You Promise God You’ll Do ‘Anything’

How a book changed our whole life

What Happens When You Promise God “Anything” Another year, another birthday. 47 of them so far. But this year is pretty different. A new state.  A new job. An apartment instead of a house, for the first time since college. A new office, not run by my wife Lisa, who’s been working at my side […]

Veterans Day 2016

A Thank You To Our Veterans

November 11 is Veterans Day in the USA, a day to say thank you to our military veterans. You don’t have to look very far in America to find a veteran today.

When you do, give them a hug, a salute, or a handshake and say thank you.

These people, our veterans, have bought and paid for the freedoms we all cherish, the democracy we love and saw in action this week again. They step out of their comfortable lives and step forward when the question is asked, “Who will go into danger for us?”

Farewell to An Inspiring and Courageous Man

Dr. Gordon Livingston has passed away

Farewell to Gordon Livingston, an amazing man who taught me (and all of his readers) so much about life, love, grief, and mental wellness. Gordon passed away in March from heart failure. His heart carried so much love and so much pain, having lost two of his sons in a thirteen-month period.

How to Find Hope When All Seems Lost

Hope is a crucial component of a healthy, happy life. When we begin to feel hopeless, everything can spiral out of control.

I was reminded of that fact one night in the emergency room, when hopelessness won.

If you struggle with feelings of hopeless, hold on. This article will show you where to find hope, and help you feel better.

Next-Level Thinking for Real Success

The Difference Between Good and Great

Next-Level Thinking is the Most Important Secret to Success

It separates ‘good’ from ‘great,’ and it can really transform your life if you’re trying to reach new milestones in any area.

Falling Through the Ice: When Life Gives Way Underneath You

Falling Through the Ice: When Life Gives Way Underneath You Lisa and I went hiking on a beautiful mountain in Wyoming with our friends, Al and Kristen. It was a beautiful Saturday, and having four adults, two kids, and two dogs made us feel safe that we’d scare off any bears or mountain lions that […]