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No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War

No Place to Hide and Dr. Lee Warren featured on CBN’s The 700 Club!


No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War (Click to order the book now!)

No Place to Hide was recently selected by U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh for his 2015 Recommended Reading List!

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Here’s a link to a recent Guideposts article featuring No Place to Hide and Dr. Warren.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Powerful, emotional, tender, real, infuriating, mind blowing. It is one of the best books I have ever read. It will transport you to the operating room in a tent hospital in Iraq and give you a deeper understanding of the war and the sacrifice of our medical heroes who fought to save others. You won’t be able to put it down.”

– New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen

“My friend Lee Warren has faced challenges that most of us only read about. While the journey hasn’t been easy, he has emerged with a resolute faith and a few lessons for us all. We can greatly benefit from his wisdom.”

– New York Times Bestselling author Max Lucado 

“Through Warren’s eyes we observe not only the delicate mechanics of brain surgery but also its lifelong effects on real people and their families, both when the surgery succeeds and when it fails…  Thank you, Lee Warren, for letting us see the world through your own unique vantage point.”

– New York Times Bestselling author Philip Yancey

No Place to Hide is three books hidden in one. It’s a book about a military surgeon and how he dealt with his time in Iraq. It’s a book about a man of faith struggling with the questions anyone would. Thirdly, it’s a book that challenges you to walk through W. Lee Warren’s life as he’s laid it out, but to imagine your choices, your decisions, and then apply all this to your own life. This isn’t an easy read. It’s a door thrown wide open. Be brave and you’ll see the rewards.

New York Times  Bestselling author Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group

“As a combat brain surgeon, Lee Warren graphically and compassionately exposes the unspeakable horrors of our hellish war in Iraq–hidden from all not there.  For him physically and emotionally there was indeed no place to hide, but his descriptive eloquence elicits deep appreciation and respect for him and the thousands of others who have been scarred on our behalf.”

Joseph C. Maroon, MD, Team Neurosurgeon, The Pittsburgh Steelers

 “This book captures simply, eloquently, and passionately what it means to be a physician in time of war. This very personal story captures the essence of what it takes to be a military physician and the challenge for our nation to reintegrate all who deploy to war.”

–Lieutenant General C. Bruce Green, MD Surgeon General, USAF (retired)

 “No Place to Hide is an incredibly personal, honest and forthright account of Dr. Lee Warren’s wartime experience and the emotional toll it took on him; finally taking him to a point where he began to question his faith as faulty.  God provided him a circle of friends who gave him the safety to stop pretending he had it all together and he was delivered to a place where he finally stopped trying to survive on his own. He learned to pray more, worry less, and let God do the rest.”

Major General Maury Forsyth, USAF (Retired)


Here’s an article from the Montgomery Advertiser from May 6, 2014.

In a well-written narrative, mixed with actual email reports he sent home, Warren transports the reader to the battle zone and shares his thoughts, raw emotions, opinions on America’s involvement in Iraq, and lessons learned during his tour of duty. Most poignant are the heart-wrenching stories of injured children and the agonizing decisions he must make about which victims to save and which ones he can’t.

Publisher’s Weekly

While I was writing the book, I was interviewed by CBS Evening News about a soldier I took care of in Iraq.

Here’s the link to the CBS story.

No Place to Hide is available everywhere.

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