Dealing with Change

How faith holds up when your world's falling apart

How do you handle change?

Or, put another way, what do you do when everything is changing in your life?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. Seems like every week over the past couple of months, I’ve encountered a patient or family who are suddenly faced with a life-threatening illness or situation, and BOOM!, their whole world is different. 

Sudden, major changes in life can be seriously difficult to manage. And sometimes they can wreck our faith. This post will help you learn to process change and keep your faith intact.

Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

How to See Things Differently

Lisa and I went for a drive the other day. I wasn’t on call, and the morning was sunny, clear, and brimming with hope. We needed to get out of the house, so we loaded our son’s dog Dude into the truck and hit the road.

We drove up Casper Mountain Road, through Beartrap Meadow and over the backside of the mountain. We came to a junction of two roads we’d driven before: we could go straight and up to Muddy Mountain, or turn right and wind through gorgeous countryside and back to Casper the long way around.

The third option was a little two-track road to our left. We had no idea where it went, but we both felt adventurous and we had time, so we turned left.

On the GPS, it looked like this road would eventually lead us back to civilization on the east side of Casper. Twelve miles of muddy, sometimes scary, low-4×4 terrain later, we still weren’t sure. But we came around a bend after going through a beautiful mountainous pass and were stopped in our tracks at the view.

Memorial Day Special with Navy SEAL and Bestselling Author Mark Divine [YST Podcast 010]

In this episode of You Start Today, I interview New York Times Bestselling author, retired Navy SEAL and founder of SEALFit, Commander Mark Divine.

We discuss his amazing career, his books, SEALFit, and what Memorial Day means to Mark Divine.

If you want to become healthier, feel better and be happier, you have to have an attitude of gratitude for what’s been done on your behalf by others. On Memorial Day. remembering those who have fallen in defense of our freedoms is a great way to Start Today.

How to Come Home from Your War, Part I [YST Podcast 007]

No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War was published by Zondervan. It’s my story of going to war and my long road to recovering from it.

In this episode of You Start Today, we discuss war and I share what my war felt like.

All of us have to face war in our lives in one form or another- literal combat, disease, failed relationships, death, financial problems, etc.- and learning to heal from the wounds our wars cause is critically important if we want to survive and thrive.

If you want a better tomorrow, you have to make changes in your life, and you have to start today.

You Got to Keep Moving Or You Get Hit, Bro

The day after I returned from Baghdad, I felt a little like a movie star.

Everywhere I went in the hospital, people wanted to know what it was like to be in a Black Hawk, and they wanted to hear all about my experiences outside the wire.

The enemy didn’t seem to notice I’d been gone, though. During those twenty-six hours, Tim had had to do four emergency brain surgeries, and the rest of the surgeons were busy with new trauma patients also. From the moment I walked back into the hospital, I was taking care of patients as if I’d never left. Tim gave me the beeper and immediately went to bed.

I was in the ICU taking care of Tim’s newest patients when the general surgeon Mike walked in. “How was Baghdad?”

I looked up from the chart I was writing in. “Lovely, other than getting shot at and having to land on a highway to pick up a terrorist,” I said.