Pick Better Memories: The key to a happy future.

If you want a better future, reshape how you think about the past.

If you want a happy future, you have to learn to pick better memories.

In recent weeks I heard different people I care about say all of the following things:

“Why does everything always have to be so hard?”
“I remember that trip. We fought all the way.”
“She feels like her life will never be good again.”

It’s tough out there, in life. We’re all in it together, but sometimes it seems like we’re being singled out to go through some particularly hard things, or a sequential string of very difficult days (or months, or years).

Eventually, after having experienced enough of these difficult events, we can resign ourselves to that being how it “always” is, or “always” will be.

That’s when we bring out the “never” or “can’t” or “always” labels and start sticking them all over our lives, our capabilities, our relationships, our health, or our happiness. I’m personally guilty of this at times, so I’m not singling you out, but I have to tell you that this behavior is very damaging to your neurochemistry, your psyche, and your future happiness.

What you allow yourself to think about is directly tied to how you feel. It’s not the other way around, although you can let it feel that way.

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My youngest daughter Kalyn loves quality time. It’s her love language.

Kalyn and I have a tradition of going to breakfast together. Over the years, those breakfasts have been some of our most special moments.

This was the bookend to the breakfast we had six months ago, the day before she left for Australia and Nepal for her Youth With a Mission training program. It was amazing to see how much she’s learned and grown in such a short time. Her love for the Lord and her heart for people are so powerful.

I hope you have opportunity to make some special moments like that happen with those you love.

One of the things we talked about was how important it is to be purposeful in making plans for next year.

If you don’t approach the new year with purpose, it’s very unlikely that anything will change for the better.

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The Path to Richness with Matt Ham [YST Podcast Episode 047]

Matt Ham is dedicated to helping people be rich in all the ways that last.

His own journey through life led him to discover the principles of a truly rich life, and he shares those RICH Principles in his new book, Redefine Rich.

Matt helps people discover true richness, joy and contentment in their lives. Matt and his wife, Liz live in Wilmington, North Carolina and have three sons.

You’ll be blessed and inspired by getting to know Matt Ham.

Your YST Moment (with Irina Baranov) [YST Podcast Episode 033]

Have You Had Your YST Moment Yet?

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when you know you’re supposed to do something.

It’s your moment, the time when your heart tells you it’s time to act, to step out in faith, to take the plunge, to change. Whatever it is, there’s a moment when you know.

I believe that this is God telling us what He wants. My Buddhist friend (who’s not really Buddhist, but he likes to talk about meditation and inner peace and reaching Nirvana) calls it The Universe. You might call it your mind or your inner voice or your conscience. I think it’s God.

But whatever you believe about this, you know I’m right: there are times in your life when your heart tells you something, and if you don’t do it, you know you’ve missed out, messed up, or melted down.

This is what I call your You Start Today moment.

If you go back and listen to the other interviews I’ve done on the YST Podcast, you’ll hear a common theme: every one of them, from Dr. Joe Maroon to Commander Mark Divine to Drs. Guy Winch, Terry Simpson and Jade Teta to Dr. Daniel Amen have had their moment, the time when their hearts told them that something had to change, that it was time to take action.

You can hear it in Fitarella’s story, and in Chris Brogan’s and even in Lisa’s and mine.

I promise, you’ll have yours. The good news is, most of us have a lot of them in life, and God has a way of bringing them back around when we miss them the first (or second or fifth) time.

Today, I’m going to help you prepare for your YST moment.

Emotional Ambulance Chasers [YST Podcast Episode 032]

This episode is all about managing our minds.

We’ll learn the art and science of self-brain surgery, and how to respond to our emotions in a healthy way.

If you want to be happy, you have to be a responder, not a reactor to your feelings, and that comes from becoming a great manager of your thought life.

Some people naturally seem to be able to handle the events of their lives without freaking out, giving in to fear, or being overwhelmed. Other people seem completely controlled by their emotional state and circumstances.

The difference in these people is not accidental. It’s purposeful.

If we want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier, it’s crucial that we learn how to be in that first group.

Today, I’m going to teach you how.

Life Change Starts in Your Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen [YST Podcast 021]

Dr. Daniel Amen is a bestselling author, internationally renowned psychiatrist, and founder of the Amen Clinic.

Dr. Amen was one of the first neuroscientists to realize that traditional psychiatric diagnostic testing was inadequate for many patients. He began using functional brain imaging to find out what was really happening inside people’s minds, and his work has saved or improved literally thousands of people’s lives. His books and his influence have impacted my life and practice, and he’s an incredibly gracious and inspirational man.

This is a great interview. Dr. Amen is so passionate, and his message is simple: your brain dictates almost everything about how you experience life. You can change it if you try; you’re not stuck with the same old problems and behaviors you’ve always had. Change your brain, change your life.

Are You Ready to Start Today? [YST Podcast 016]

Are you ready to start today? It’s time to get serious about real life change.

Draw a line in the sand.

Take your stand.

Determine what’s holding you back in your life, and make your own Declaration of Independence, starting today.

Overcome with Fitness Professional Jacqueline Carly [YST Podcast 014]

Jacqueline Carly is a fitness professional, online entrepreneur, lifestyle coach and magazine publisher.

She also overcame serious childhood obesity, which led to a life-threatening eating disorder. When she had her “You Start Today” moment, Jacq decided to change her life.

Jacq’s story is inspiring, and she’ll open your eyes to what is possible when you Start Today.

If you want a better tomorrow, you have to make changes in your life, and you have to start today.