Pick Better Memories: The key to a happy future.

If you want a better future, reshape how you think about the past.

If you want a happy future, you have to learn to pick better memories.

In recent weeks I heard different people I care about say all of the following things:

“Why does everything always have to be so hard?”
“I remember that trip. We fought all the way.”
“She feels like her life will never be good again.”

It’s tough out there, in life. We’re all in it together, but sometimes it seems like we’re being singled out to go through some particularly hard things, or a sequential string of very difficult days (or months, or years).

Eventually, after having experienced enough of these difficult events, we can resign ourselves to that being how it “always” is, or “always” will be.

That’s when we bring out the “never” or “can’t” or “always” labels and start sticking them all over our lives, our capabilities, our relationships, our health, or our happiness. I’m personally guilty of this at times, so I’m not singling you out, but I have to tell you that this behavior is very damaging to your neurochemistry, your psyche, and your future happiness.

What you allow yourself to think about is directly tied to how you feel. It’s not the other way around, although you can let it feel that way.

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My youngest daughter Kalyn loves quality time. It’s her love language.

Kalyn and I have a tradition of going to breakfast together. Over the years, those breakfasts have been some of our most special moments.

This was the bookend to the breakfast we had six months ago, the day before she left for Australia and Nepal for her Youth With a Mission training program. It was amazing to see how much she’s learned and grown in such a short time. Her love for the Lord and her heart for people are so powerful.

I hope you have opportunity to make some special moments like that happen with those you love.

One of the things we talked about was how important it is to be purposeful in making plans for next year.

If you don’t approach the new year with purpose, it’s very unlikely that anything will change for the better.

Next-Level Thinking for Real Success

The Difference Between Good and Great

Next-Level Thinking is the Most Important Secret to Success

It separates ‘good’ from ‘great,’ and it can really transform your life if you’re trying to reach new milestones in any area.

Happiness is All in Your Head [YST Podcast 053]

Or, How You Feel is Mostly Up to You

If you’re looking for happiness, this episode will help you find it. In this episode of the YST podcast, we learn the secret to being happy no matter what. Listen to learn my five self-brain surgery techniques to maximize your happiness.

Happiness: It’s Not Brain Surgery

Finding true happiness is harder than brain surgery. And I should know.

You might think that it’s hard to learn how to be a brain surgeon.

It is. I was in school without a break from the day I started Kindergarten at age five, until I finished my neurosurgery residency at age thirty-two.

That’s right: twenty-seven consecutive years of school.

That’s a long time, and some of it was difficult. But I have a secret to share with you:

Learning how to be truly happy is harder than brain surgery.

I’m not kidding.

Here’s why.

Time to Get Serious

Are you ready to change your life? Then it’s time to get serious.

Life is short, and there are no guarantees.

But no matter what you’re going through in your life, it’s still your life. It’s critical to stay in the game and press through your difficulties, because you have a purpose and a plan that’s just for you. If you let adversity take you out of play, then you miss out on the blessings God desires to give you. And more importantly, you will fail to impact others in a positive way. You’ll let your family, your team, your tribe down.

In short, you have to overcome, because we need you.

Here’s the punchline: whatever situation or problem you’re facing in your life, you have to attack it with full force to survive and thrive.

A Proven Strategy to Help You Become Healthier, Feel Better, and Be Happier

It’s time to become healthier, feel better, and be happier.

Everybody wants to, right? No one really wants to become sicker, feel worse, and be sadder do they?

Of course not.

So, here’s the path. Keep coming back here for new tools you can use on your journey to reach your own life change goals. We’ll get there together!

There are three keys- body, mind, and spirit- and we must have balance between them if we want to succeed.

Here’s a strategy that works

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