The Book-a-Week Challenge 2017

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Lisa and I are issuing the Book-a-Week Challenge for 2017.


Why the Book-a-Week Challenge? Because if you want to get smarter, you need to read more.

One of the best ways to grow your brain, increase your intelligence, ward off senility and get smarter is to read.

Over forty percent of U.S. college graduates have never read an entire book again since they left school.

If you quit reading, you basically quit learning. Reading increases mental activity, and recent research shows that it even helps to promote the development of new connections in your brain!

So, we’re reading a book every week. 

Week Fifty-Two Book:

If you want to accept the challenge, and if you want to get smarter, become healthier, feel better, and be happier, start reading more today.

You can read anything you want to. I try to never be more than three books away from something spiritual, and I include some ‘for fun’ books too. Reading fiction is very good for your brain, and it helps me as a writer too. So be sure to read some fiction along the way.

If you need some suggestions, click here to see the books we read in past years.

Even listening to audiobooks has powerful effects on your brain, so if your excuse is, “I’m too busy to read,” then you need to find a new one!

A great way to read more is by using Audible. Now you can get two free audiobooks when you sign up for a free trial of Audible, and you get to keep the books even if you cancel your membership. It’s a no-risk way to try Audible

Books We’ve Read So Far This Year 


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