The Path to Richness with Matt Ham [YST Podcast Episode 047]

Matt Ham is dedicated to helping people be rich in all the ways that last.

His own journey through life led him to discover the principles of a truly rich life, and he shares those RICH Principles in his new book, Redefine Rich
Matt helps people discover true richness, joy and contentment in their lives. Matt and his wife, Liz live in Wilmington, North Carolina and have three sons.
You’ll be blessed and inspired by getting to know Matt Ham.
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Let’s look at Matt’s RICH principles and see how they can help us start today:

R – Recognize you’re broken– all of us are. In fact, that’s the best reason to start today, when you honestly assess an issue or obstacle you really know in your heart has to change. Denying our broken places is a prescription for heartache and the prison of sameness. If you start today, be honest with yourself about the issues you need to deal with, you’re ready to start living a richer life.
I – Invest in others. As Matt said to me once, you don’t have time NOT to mentor someone. You might not think you’re qualified, but it’s exactly our past struggles that make us the most powerful mentors. Imagine yourself twenty years ago. Don’t you know a lot of things now you wish someone had told you about then? That’s what being a mentor is: helping someone else have an easier time through the wars of life by sharing your experiences. 
C – Choose gratitude. I’m so thankful Matt gave us this one! Remember that thanksgiving is good for your brain. You can go back to episode 027 of the podcast to learn more about the neuroscience of gratitude, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s a choice. You can focus on your problems, or you can choose gratitude. Gratitude makes you rich.
H – Humble yourself with confidence. Humility is not the same as weakness. If you’re not humble, life has a way of making sure you find reasons to be. But the richest lives are those lived by people who recognize the gifts they’ve received and are not boastful about their own accomplishments. No matter where God takes you on your journey, staying humble and grateful will serve you in your quest for a rich life.

Matt knew he had to make a change. He knew he couldn’t keep living like he’d done in the past, and he knew that he couldn’t keep chasing the potential riches of tomorrow, because his heart was calling him to something richer, deeper, better.

Matt knew he had to start today. 

I hope you learned a lot from Matt. Check him out at! And the first listener who emails me at will receive a free, signed copy of Matt’s wonderful book, Redefine Rich.

Posts, links and books mentioned during this episode:


Matt’s post, “Author or Insurance Agent?”.  A great treatise on Jim Collins’ concept of the genius of the ‘and’ vs. the tyranny of the ‘or.’

Remember: If you want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier, you have to start today.

Life is short, and there are no guarantees. But you can take control, and you can enjoy and make a difference with the time you have. 
Life isn’t brain surgery; it’s harder. It’s a war. But even though life is hard, God is faithful. You can have the life you were created to have, but you can’t keep waiting for it. Stepping into your YST moment is where it all begins. If you want to live richly, try Matt Ham’s RICH principles, and step into the life you were created to have. What are you waiting for?
I’m Dr. Lee Warren. I can’t wait to talk to you next week, but you start today. 
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