Your YST Moment (with Irina Baranov) [YST Podcast Episode 033]

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Have You Had Your YST Moment Yet? 
In everyone’s life, there comes a time when you know you’re supposed to do something. 
It’s your moment, the time when your heart tells you it’s time to act, to step out in faith, to take the plunge, to change. Whatever it is, there’s a moment when you know.

I believe that this is God telling us what He wants. My Buddhist friend (who’s not really Buddhist, but he likes to talk about meditation and inner peace and reaching Nirvana) calls it The Universe. You might call it your mind or your inner voice or your conscience. I think it’s God. 
But whatever you believe about this, you know I’m right: there are times in your life when your heart tells you something, and if you don’t do it, you know you’ve missed out, messed up, or melted down.
This is what I call your You Start Today moment.
If you go back and listen to the other interviews I’ve done on the YST Podcast, you’ll hear a common theme: every one of them, from Dr. Joe Maroon to Commander Mark Divine to Drs. Guy Winch, Terry Simpson and Jade Teta to Dr. Daniel Amen have had their moment, the time when their hearts told them that something had to change, that it was time to take action. 
You can hear it in Fitarella’s story, and in Chris Brogan’s and even in Lisa’s and mine. 
I promise, you’ll have yours. The good news is, most of us have a lot of them in life, and God has a way of bringing them back around when we miss them the first (or second or fifth) time.
Today, I’m going to help you prepare for your YST moment.
But first, we’re going to talk to my friend Irina Baranov (Twitter:@Irina_Baranov) about hers.
Early last year, our friend Chris Brogan mentioned my work on You Start Today in his newsletter. He’s got approximately seven hundred bazillion followers, so naturally I heard from some of them.
One of those people was Irina Baranov. Lisa and I got to know Irina and started following her weekly writings.
We’ve come to appreciate Irina for her insights into life, and we’ve actually used a lot of her advice.  
Irina is a certified executive coach, speaker/trainer and strategist who is passionate about helping people become more effective in their personal and professional roles. She believes that customizing the way we organize our work, time, communication, energy and relationships enables greater success. She uses proven techniques and best practices from the worlds of business, positive psychology, coaching and personal development to help create sustainable change.


Irina works with individuals and groups to help them fine tune their vision, brand, messaging and design strategies and plans to meet their goals. Her style is one of deep commitment, high energy, consistent encouragement and probing curiosity. She enjoys working with people who are open to change, dedicated to understanding themselves better, and committed to using that reflection to achieve significant improvements.


In her coaching, consulting and speaking work, Irina combines her educational, professional and personal background with her enthusiasm for growth, change and success. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, is a certified graduate of the world-renowned Coach Training Institute (CTI), and is an in-demand speaker, writer and media contributor. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and two children.


If that’s not impressive enough, Irina also came to the US from Russia as a small child, had to learn English, and wound up years later in a career she liked but didn’t love and as a wife and mother frustrated that her job was keeping her from spending as much time as she wanted to with. 


Then something amazing happened. I’m gonna save that for the interview, but listen carefully for her You Start Today Moment.


Irina is high-energy, she’s smart, and she’s come a long way from that Russian immigrant who didn’t know the language. But the person she is today was formed when she chose to take action in her YST Moment.

Without further ado, let’s talk with professional coach and our friend, Irina Baranov.

<Irina Baranov Interview>

That was a great interview. It took a lot of courage for Irina to take that chance, give the speech, and drastically change her life.

She heard her heart, and she knew it was time. 

That is the hallmark of a YST Moment: when you know that if you say no to your heart, it will hurt your life.

Remember our five concepts we’re working through this year:


1. Past losses can teach us, but they can’t define us. Do you feel like something in your past is keeping you stuck in your present and limiting your future? Maybe you said no when you should have said yes, left when you should have stayed, quit, got a DUI, or couldn’t keep your marriage together. Maybe you were too afraid to ask when your heart told you she’d say yes. Whatever it was, you can break its power to hurt you now, but you have to hear your heart telling you it’s time. If you can’t hear your heart, then hear this: IT’S TIME! It’s your moment, right now, to quit letting yesterday define tomorrow. 


2. Massive change requires massive action. Look at Irina’s story and see that she could have just stayed put, cashed her paychecks, and not given that speech. She was safe, comfortable, and happy enough. But her heart said she needed to go. It was her YST Moment, and those are almost always scary. But she took massive action, and it paid off. You can too. 


3. If you want to feel better, do better.  Most of the time, we already know the answers even if we’re too afraid to ask the questions. If you’re smoking and overweight and diabetic and your teeth are falling out, you know you need to quit smoking, lose weight, control your blood sugar and call your dentist, right? You don’t need an epiphany to know that. But what happens? You listen to your old stories- “I’ve tried so many times and I always fail,” or “I come from a fat family. I’m just stuck with this body.” But science is science, my friend: if you consume fewer calories than you burn you will lose weight. Period. 
So if your heart is calling you to your YST Moment, and you know it, stop listening to your stories, your past, your enemy, or your mean brother who tells you you can’t do it.
Do better. Really. This one is so easy that people overlook it. If you want to quit smoking, the next time you open a new pack, throw one cigarette away (cut it in half and soak it in water first so you won’t go retrieve it later). With each new pack after that, destroy one more cigarette. 
In a few weeks, you’ll be down to one a day, and then none. 
“Why would I throw all those cigarettes away,” you ask? Because your will power won’t let you just choose to ration them and wait longer, and it’s cheaper than Chantix. That might not work for everyone, but it will work if you really want to quit and you’re listening to your heart tell you that you now it’s time. If your YST Moment involves a habit, this is a good way to try to quit. Do better and you’ll feel better.


4. Peace is achievable in spite of circumstance. No matter what, if you divorce circumstance and marry the idea that you get to decide how you feel, you’ll be happier. If a lack of peace is your issue, if you’re struggling with sadness or stress or anger, etc., the first and most important decision, your YST Moment for peace is IN BETWEEN YOUR OWN EARS. You have to decide that a lack of peace in your heart, your home, your work, your life is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE TO YOU, and you have to have the courage to make your peace your reality.
Circumstances will not always be happy for you. I’m sorry to break it to you, but people die, like my son did. Marriages end, like my first one did. Wars happen, like the one I fought in. 
Bad things happen in your life, but only you can make yourself happy.
If you want peace, you have to demand it of yourself first, and you have to start today. It’s your YST Moment, and it’s right here. Just take it.
5. The time to start is today. You start today. You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t control tomorrow. But you can decide that today you will step through the door that your YST Moment offers you. Don’t live your life regretting that you never asked her. You never went to that audition, never wrote that novel, never applied at that other company, didn’t take that investment your heart and your brain and your research told you was the one that would have set you free. Don’t be the guy who had $100,000 to invest and could have bought Apple at its IPO price of $22.00 a share (which would be worth around $20 million now).  


If you want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier, we have to start today. We have to listen to our heart, hear what God is saying, and reject fear. We have to start today. 

When your YST Moment comes, don’t hurt your heart. 

Follow Irina’s example. 

Don’t leave the moment when you KNOW without taking immediate action. 

My friend, I want this to be the best year of your life, and I know your heart’s telling you it’s time. I know it, I can feel it, and I know you can too. You wouldn’t have listened this long if it wasn’t true.

It’s your moment, it’s your time. 

When you hear your heart, when you see the door opening, when you know it’s time, there’s only one thing to do.

You Start Today.

We spend an entire week on this topic in YST Daily. If the message resonates with you, you owe it to yourself to take the next step. It’s not free, because you need to invest in yourself. If it’s free you won’t do it. If you want to take life change to the next level, check out YST Daily!
Book-a-week challenge! If you want to get smarter, you have to read more. Check out to learn more about the reading challenge.
Here’s a link to Irina’s website, and to her super-valuable ABC time management framework. It will really help you; Lisa and I use it all the time.
If you want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier, you have to start today.
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Life is short, and there are no guarantees. But you can take control, and you can enjoy and make a difference with the time you have. 
Remember: When your YST Moment comes, you have to take MASSIVE ACTION. Don’t wait to feel like it, don’t wait until it’s less scary. Those are the weapons of your enemy. If you want to capitalize on your YST Moment, You Start Today. Right now, make it happen in your life. I believe in you.
Do it. Start Today.
I’m Dr. Lee Warren. I can’t wait to talk to you next week, but you start today
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