Are You Ready to Start Today? [YST Podcast 016]

Are you ready to start today? It’s time to get serious about real life change. 

Draw a line in the sand.

Take your stand.

Determine what’s holding you back in your life, and make your own Declaration of Independence, starting today.

In this episode, we’re getting serious and making our decision. Let’s change our lives, our worlds, starting today.

If you want a better tomorrow, you have to make changes in your life, and you have to start today.

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Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:

My dear friend and an awesome person, Hans van der Reijden. (An upcoming guest on You Start Today)

Dr. Daniel Amen’s website. (Also an upcoming guest on You Start Today)

ViSalus and the 90-Day Challenge.

My books: W. Lee Warren, MD Amazon Author Page

No Place to Hide: A Brain Surgeon’s Long Journey Home from the Iraq War by W. Lee Warren, MD



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