Sorry for Yourself [YST Podcast Episode 062]

You can’t feel sorry for yourself and proud of yourself at the same time. Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? You know, my life is so hard and no one understands and I’ll never get that job or he took my sale or whatever?

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Here’s the thing friend: self-pity is one of the most toxic and limiting things we can allow into our lives. And it is ALWAYS within our power to change.

But here’s the truth:

You can’t change your life until you change your mind.

Life is hard, and we all have problems. But if you respond to yours by feeling sorry for yourself, or even worse, by seeking other people’s pity, you can expect the future to look very much like the past. This is true for business, relationships, finances, and every other aspect of your life.

Why? Because the best predictor of the future is the past, unless you change your mind.

Today, we learn how.

Stop Worry In Its Tracks [YST Podcast Episode 061]

You lie awake all night long. Your eyes just won’t shut.

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Your mind is racing, chasing rabbits down holes of thoughts about all the things that are hard in your life. Your kids, your grandkids, your biopsy results that are coming next week, your finances.

You go back over that conversation or that decision, and you feel the cold grip of regret that maybe you didn’t handle it right. And that might lead to a broken relationship or a business failure. You are driving yourself crazy with all this thinking, and you can’t make any headway on any of it.

You’re worrying.

And it’s wrecking your night and your peace of mind.

What do you do?

I’ve got good news for you, my friend. Today, we’re going to learn how to stop worrying.

If you’re plagued by worry, you can learn how to overcome it and improve your brain chemistry and your mental state, renew your faith and overcome the thought patterns that are hurting you.

You can start today.

Punch Fear in the Face [YST Podcast Episode 060]

Life can be a scary place, my friend.

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Sometimes, fear can paralyze us, keep us stuck, and ruin our quality of life. Sometimes it’s more of a nuisance that keeps us playing it safe, afraid to really go for something we want.

If you’re dealing with fear, then take heart. Today on YST, we’re going to learn how to punch fear in the face.

Stick around to learn how to handle fear, starting today.

From Average to Awesome: how to Break Through [YST Podcast Episode 059]

There are only three changes that must be made if you want to really break through in any area of your life. Only three. And they’re all inside your head.

It’s true: the secret to changing any area of your life is within your own power, and it can happen almost instantly. In episode 059 of You Start Today, we’re breaking through.

You can succeed and thrive no matter what your past looks like, but it takes a little self brain surgery. And you have to start today.

Tune Up Your Life [YST Podcast Episode 058]

In Which I Play Guitar

Today we talk about making music with your life. When everything’s tuned up and all the parts of your life are working together, you’ve finally found your jam, your sweet spot.

FullSizeRender (2)

That’s what we’re after. We want to get those notes playing just right so that no matter what happens in life, our music will play on. Today we’ll learn how.

Getting Down to the Good Stuff in Life: Integrity, Service, and Excellence [YST Podcast Episode 057]

If you want to get down to the good stuff in life, you need a solid set of core values: integrity, service, and excellence are a great place to start.

Core values concept word cloud background

In this episode of YST, we talk about one of the most important aspects of making your life as good as it can be. We’re going deep into how to really change our lives so we get to the good stuff, the sweet spots, the parts of life that make a difference, leave a mark on the world, and have our great-grandkids smiling when they talk about the kind of person we were.

Today we talk about core values. You can’t really be happy until you know who you are, until your decisions and behavior are consistent with your true inner self, until you’ve founded yourself and forged yourself on a set of core values that will guide you throughout your whole life, and leave behind a legacy that inspires others.

That, my friend, is the good stuff.

Friends, Enemies, and Allies: Know who’s with you

An Independence Day Lesson

We all have friends, enemies, and allies in our lives. It’s crucial to know who’s with you.

Whether you’re talking about war, fitness, health, business, whatever, these three types of relationships are critical to understand. Because knowing the various ways we interact with these different groups and what we can expect from them can be a matter of life or death- literally, financially, and emotionally.

If we want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier, we have to do it in the context of the other people in our lives.

When we try to Start Today, will the folks around us encourage and support us on our journey, or will they stand in the way, hold us back, or make it easier for us to stay where we are?