Farewell to An Inspiring and Courageous Man

Dr. Gordon Livingston has passed away

Farewell to Gordon Livingston, an amazing man who taught me (and all of his readers) so much about life, love, grief, and mental wellness. Gordon passed away in March from heart failure. His heart carried so much love and so much pain, having lost two of his sons in a thirteen-month period.

How to Find Hope When All Seems Lost

Hope is a crucial component of a healthy, happy life. When we begin to feel hopeless, everything can spiral out of control.

I was reminded of that fact one night in the emergency room, when hopelessness won.

If you struggle with feelings of hopeless, hold on. This article will show you where to find hope, and help you feel better.

Next-Level Thinking for Real Success

The Difference Between Good and Great

Next-Level Thinking is the Most Important Secret to Success

It separates ‘good’ from ‘great,’ and it can really transform your life if you’re trying to reach new milestones in any area.

Falling Through the Ice: When Life Gives Way Underneath You

Falling Through the Ice: When Life Gives Way Underneath You Lisa and I went hiking on a beautiful mountain in Wyoming with our friends, Al and Kristen. It was a beautiful Saturday, and having four adults, two kids, and two dogs made us feel safe that we’d scare off any bears or mountain lions that […]

When You Promise God “Anything”

What Happens When You Promise God “Anything”

Another year, another birthday. 47 of them so far.

But this year is pretty different.

A new state. 

A new job.

An apartment instead of a house, for the first time since college.

A new office, not run by my wife Lisa, who’s been working at my side every day for a decade. 

Lots of change, none of which was even in our worldview the last time I blew out the candles while people sang Happy Birthday.

And it’s all Lisa’s fault. Seriously, this all started because of a Bible study. 

We’d figured out that we needed a new long-term plan. Since ObamaCare, it’s become obvious that the government intends to make it impossible for doctors to be in solo or small group practices. Just like Netflix made it impossible for your neighborhood video store to afford to stay in business, government regulation is making it unaffordable for small clinics to survive. 

And so, even though our practice was busy and successful and even growing, we both knew that we couldn’t work 100 hours a week forever, and that our lives were way out of balance.

And we knew God wanted more from us than to work ourselves into old age too early.

Then, Lisa discovered a book, Anything: The prayer that unlocked my God and my soul by Jennie Allen.

Please read it. We read it, prayed through it, and tried to see what God had to say to us through it.

We realized what was wrong: we were working too much, listening too little, too busy to hear that God was telling us to slow down, pay attention, find balance, seek Him first. 

And so we prayed, “God, we want to serve you, have our lives be about you. We’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

And then we waited for God to answer.

Boy, did He.

We felt like Abraham, when God said, “Go,” but didn’t say where. Abraham made the decision that he would obey, and he started walking. 

That’s what we did. We told God yes. We said we’d do anything to please Him, live for Him, serve Him. 


I sent one email, “I’d be willing to move for the right opportunity.”

Six months later, here we are. A new place, a new beginning, balance. 

New opportunities to minister, be ministered to, to serve and grow and help and learn.

A promised land for us, a place where we’re set free from the prison of working harder to work harder, delivered from a never ending self-employed opportunity to spend all our waking hours trying to find more time to do even more.

All because we said we’d do anything for Him.

When you feel like you don’t know what your life’s about, where you’re headed, why you’re working harder and finding less peace, maybe it’s time for you to start saying, “I’ll do anything you want God. Anything.”

Get the book, do the study.

Tell God you’ll do anything. Maybe He won’t move you two thousand miles. Maybe He will.

But I promise, if you ask Him, tell Him you’ll do anything, He’ll answer you.

He always does.

Start asking Him.

We did, and on this birthday I’m in a new place, with a new life, a new start. 

It can happen for you, if you start today.

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Where to Find the Answers

Where to Find the Answers

People search their whole lives, looking for the answers. Trying to find meaning and purpose and clarity as to why they’re here, what’s their purpose, what they’re supposed to do.

I spend my days walking around hospitals, meeting broken people whose decisions to drink and drive or seek a thrill or act on their angry impulses left them dying or damaged and still searching for the answers to the real question:

What will make me happy? 

I’ve got bad news for you: I can’t tell you what will make you happy. 

But I can tell you where to find the answers.

The answers we’re all seeking are not in the bank.

They’re not in the promotion or the penthouse.

You won’t find them by wearing a title or developing a talent,

They won’t appear after you’ve climbed a corporate ladder or summited a Himalayan peak.

You won’t find the answers in the embrace of a parent, the hug of a friend or the arms of a lover.

Not in the woods after bagging the trophy buck, or in the water with a state-record trout.

You can’t inject something to find them, ingest something to discover them, or drink something to quiet everything else so you can hear them.

No, my friend. The answers are not in the boardroom, the bedroom or the bottle. 

The answers are in The Book. 

The answers to everything are in the Book. I know, in 2016 this sounds trite. 

But if you’re running into the same problems over and over, maybe it’s because you’re seeking the solutions in the same places, with the same behaviors, the same people, the same plan. 

But the answers aren’t there.

They’re in the Book.

Why not just try it?

I’m not asking you to embrace Christianity, my religion. Don’t start there if it seems too big a leap from where you are. 

If you’re looking for answers, just spend a few minutes every day for the next month and read one chapter of Proverbs. Ancient wisdom that’s not aimed at you signing up to join a church.

Click here to read Proverbs in modern language, for free.

If you read a few Proverbs and start feeling like there’s some wisdom in there for your life, then maybe you’ll agree with me that the rest of the book is worth exploring. Leave a comment and we’ll talk about it. 

I know a lot about neuroscience and neurosurgery, but nothing I know is as important to your life as knowing where to find the answers to the biggest questions we all have.

Start looking for the answers in the right place: The Book.

And start today.

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