W. Lee Warren, MD

You Can't Change Your Life Until You Change Your Mind

Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

On a recent, very windy day, God opened my eyes to see a whole new world, and proved once again that hope is always right in front of us. This post will help you learn to look for hope even when it’s hard to see.

Wrestling Pigs (Relationship Brain Surgery #2) [YST Podcast Episode 071]

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your life was kind, generous, friendly, loving, and acted out of a spirit of service and helpfulness all the time?

If everyone in your family sought to follow the Golden Rule? If everyone at work looked out for each other’s best interest and not their own?

If those things were true, the entire personal development industry and probably 90% of the consultants working in business today would be out of business immediately.

Because if everyone was always just nice, life would be so much easier, right?

But the truth is, we often have to deal with difficult people at work, in our friendships, and yes, even at home.

Bad Sensors (Emotional Brain Surgery) [YST Podcast Episode 070]

What do a frustrating day in the airport and a near-death experience in an Air Force fighter jet have to do with each other?

And what, you might ask, do they have to do with you?

If you want to know, stick around. 

Spiritual Brain Surgery [YST Podcast Episode 069]

You know that the reason I take the time to write and record these messages every week is because I believe that having someone in your corner, a brain surgeon to help you change your mind to become healthier, feel better, and be happier in your life is essential to making things right.

But me wanting those things for you isn’t enough. You have to want them. You have to believe that it’s worth it to try to change your mind. 

Listen friend, today and yesterday I woke up with a crushing disturbance in my spirit that you might be struggling today to believe that God loves you. That everything’s going to be okay. 

That requires some spiritual brain surgery. And we can do that by listening to what God has to say about us instead of what we think or the world thinks or our circumstances have made us think.

Today I’m going to share with you a love letter, a late Valentine, a message from God directly from his word, just for you. 

And the bottom line of the message is this:

You’re special, and today is the day it’s going to start being better. 

Are you ready?

Let’s listen to a love letter from God. And let’s believe that it’s going to be okay,

Starting today. 

Relationship Brain Surgery [YST Podcast Episode 068]

Our relationships have arguably the biggest impact on the quality and course of our lives compared to any other aspect. But it we want them to be better, we sometimes have to change our minds. Sometimes we need relationship brain surgery.

It’s Not Brain Surgery [YST Podcast Episode 067]

Life is not brain surgery. It’s harder.  I’ve got some news for you, my friend: brain surgery is not the hardest thing in the world.    Oh, I know it’s thought of that way, which is why the phrase, “It’s not brain surgery” is so widely used, except by rocket scientists, who have their own, much more obscure phrase.   Today I want to talk to you about the fact that brain surgery is actually something that anyone can learn. And I would suggest to you that it’s something that we all NEED to learn if we want to become healthier, feel better, and be happier in our lives.    Now, I should point out that I’m not talking about physical, in-the-operating-room brain surgery. You do actually have to go to school to learn that. And I wish you would, because I need a partner. But that’s another story.    […]

Spread Too Thin [YST Podcast Episode 066]

There’s too much to do, too many projects, too many meetings, too many people to serve to please all of them. 
Too much work, not enough time, no space left for me or for creativity, or the other thousand things I know I need to do and can’t even get started with. 
I’m so busy being busy that I can’t find time for a lot of the most important people and things in my life, and it feels like I’m living to work instead of working to live. 
Can you relate? 
If you can, then you’re not alone.
This week we’re going to get real, go deep, and figure out how to combat the all-too-common problem of being spread too thin. 

It’s Time to Settle This [YST Podcast Episode 065]

Your future is not determined by your past. It’s time to settle this! In this episode, we cover the steps we need to take to settle the past once and for all, so our future can be healthier, better, and happier!

What Happens When You Say You’ll Do Anything? [YST Podcast Episode 064]

What Happens When You Say You’ll Do Anything?   Holy cow, it’s been two years since I released a new episode of this show!    Last time I signed off with “I can’t wait to talk to you next week,” but I had no idea what was about to happen.    You see, sometimes our plans don’t play out the way we think they will.    Let’s back up to December 2015, when I released YST063, Mission Creep. I recorded that episode in the basement studio of our old house on Covington Ridge in Auburn, Alabama. My plan for the next week was to release YST064, History Poems, but before I even got downstairs to record it something amazing happened.    To make a long story short, Lisa and I read a book called Anything by Jennie Allen, got a job offer we couldn’t refuse, moved from Alabama to Wyoming, and […]

Dealing with Change

How do you handle change?

Or, put another way, what do you do when everything is changing in your life?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. Seems like every week over the past couple of months, I’ve encountered a patient or family who are suddenly faced with a life-threatening illness or situation, and BOOM!, their whole world is different. 

Sudden, major changes in life can be seriously difficult to manage. And sometimes they can wreck our faith. This post will help you learn to process change and keep your faith intact.